cad·die also cad·dy n. pl. cad·dies
also cad·die chik n. one who caddies and looks really good doing it!
According to www.dictionary.com the definition of a caddy is – “1. a person hired to serve as an attendant to a golfer” and 2. “Someone to, in general, assist the golfer with his or her round of golf.” If you plan on becoming a member of the CaddyWise.com network, you should know that the more you know about the game of golf, the more in-demand & valuable you will become. Here is your opportunity to have fun in the sun, meet great new people and network contacts and earn extra money while doing so.

#1 – Be a Professional – Dress Appropriately
Shorts/Slacks/Capri Pants.
Polo Type Shirt (also, get your official Caddychicks.com™ Polo Shirt from the ProShop™)
Tennis Shoes
A Sports Hat
Sunglasses if you wear them
Bikinis/Bathing Suits
High Heels
Anything with denim. No denim shorts, shirts.
No Daisy Duke Shorts
#2 –Be prepared! Make your own caddy kit. (Includes):
Extra Golf Tees
Sun Screen
Lip Balm
A golf towel, not a bath towel or a beach towel
A divot repair tool
A golf club brush
A couple of ball markers
A couple of power bars/candy bars some for you and some for your golfer.
A copy of the rules of golf
A couple of golf pencils
An extra copy of the scorecard from that course
Bring a yardage guide with you. You can usually get one in the pro shop of the course your are caddying at.
Optional – A pair of dry socks in case yours gets wet
Optional – A pair of dry socks in case his gets wet
Optional – A sleeve of his favorite golf balls
Optional – A spare golf glove, you would need to know what size he wears

Optional – An umbrella for you. If it rains, the golfer probably has one for himself
#3 – When you Arrive…
DO NOT BE LATE! Show up at least an hour in advance of your tee time!
Always be upbeat and have a fun attitude from the moment you meet your golfer/ client.
Remember, being a caddy for your golfer makes YOU responsible for his/ her golf equipment.

If riding, load the clubs onto the golf cart, If using a pull cart, put them on the pull cart
A yardage book is an extremely useful tool on behalf of the golfer. You can usually find them at the golf course pro shop.
Turn off your cell phone, pager, etc.
Keep his or her golf clubs, golf balls and grips clean
Fill out your yardage guide by asking him how far he hits each club. This will help you know about what club your golfer will be wanting on their next shot
# 4 During the Round
Support your golfer’s game play. DO NOT laugh too much if he/ she makes a bad shot.
Make sure to replace/fill his divots he takes
Raking the sand traps is definitely a plus
Help with holding the flagstick when needed
Offer your golfer a hydrating beverage (e.g. bottled water)
Keep your golfer’s grips and clubs DRY, and prevent them from getting wet
Keep a track of your golfers score accurately
Mark putts, greens and fairways in regulation
Help your golfer with yardages
Help your golfer with shot selections
Help your golfer read putts
Help him with the rules of golf
#5 – After the Round…
Clean his clubs, grips and golf bag one last time.
Make sure that his clubs are put away into his locker or into his car.
If you leave the clubs out in front of the clubhouse, they may get stolen.
You are responsible for the players’ bag from the moment you first touch it,
to the moment it is put away. Always be aware of this.
Thank the golfer and ask for his feedback.

Ask if there was anything you could do to improve your caddy services
The golfer will pay you your rate for the hours of play or by the round
(which you have already specified on your profile)
Although tips are not required, accept it graciously with a “thank you”
if your golfer hands you one.

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